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UWL & Swire Shipping Receive Cargo Anchor Award from NWSA

Award recognizes the organizations’ contributions to economic and environmental vitality of the Puget Sound region

UWL and Swire Shipping are thrilled to announce they have been honored with the Cargo Anchor Award from the Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) for the success of their pioneering ocean freight service, Sun Chief Express, which operates between Seattle and Southeast Asia. The award recognizes companies who substantially grow cargo volume in the gateway and drive economic activity for the Pacific Northwest region.
UWL & Swire Shipping win the Northwest Seaport Alliance's Cargo Anchor Award due to the success of their Sun Chief Express service.

Conceived from a late-night sketch on the back of a napkin,
 Sun Chief Express has evolved into an award-winning express ocean product serving leading retailers and manufacturers across the globe, including several from the Fortune 500. UWL parent company, World Group, expanded in Kent, Sumner, and Tacoma to support the service, creating over 100 full-time jobs in the Pacific Northwest.

"We are honored to receive the Cargo Anchor Award from the Northwest Seaport Alliance. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into making this idea a reality and I am so proud of what we have accomplished,” said UWL President Duncan Wright. 

“A huge thank you to all our customers who not only helped us build the service but continue to support this bold venture. And to our partners along the supply chain – from the terminal operators, landside logistics partners, and of course Steve Balaski and his team the NWSA, we are so grateful for your support,” said Wright. 

The first-ever ocean service of its kind,
 Sun Chief Express directly connects Vietnam to Seattle and is built on three core pillars: speed, guarantees, and reliability.

“It is a very simple model where we are smaller, faster, nimbler, and eco-friendly. We boast the fastest overall transit time from Vietnam to the US in the current market and our performance has been recognized as best-in-class by several noteworthy publications and analysts,” said Harry Stones, Head of Trades US, Swire Shipping.

Sun Chief Express frequently tops the performance charts as one of the “most reliable niche carriers” in leading maritime analyst Sea-Intelligence's monthly reports. The service was also named to Supply & Demand Chain Executive's Top Supply Chain Projects list in 2023.

UWL and Swire Shipping continue to expand Sun Chief Express to better support client needs. In addition to the Vietnam to Seattle service, the companies have created a hub and spoke model in Southeast Asia to support clients shipping between Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand – markets that are traditionally underserved by mainstream carriers.

UWL & Swire Shipping's IPI solution connects Sun Chief Express cargo arriving in Seattle to markets in key Midwest cities such as Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Memphis, and Minneapolis.

UWL & Swire Shipping's IPI solution connects Sun Chief Express cargo arriving in Seattle to markets in key Midwest cities such as Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Memphis, and Minneapolis.

They have also built out an Inland Point Intermodal (IPI) model in the U.S., in partnership with Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern, to support importers and exporters in the Midwest, offering IPI access between Seattle and Chicago, Memphis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Cleveland, and Columbus.
Additionally, UWL and Swire Shipping launched a westbound service from Seattle to Southeast Asia supporting both dry and reefer cargo.
“On our backhauls, instead of slow steaming, we’re stopping in Busan to provide the fastest direct service between Seattle and Korea, before heading on to Vietnam,” said Chris Krawczyk, UWL VP of Sales. “We’ve procured a fleet of refrigerated equipment and are here to cater to any and all chilled and frozen exporters in the Pacific Northwest shipping to Korea and Southeast Asia, both large markets for US fruits, potatoes, and proteins.”
The companies have also created a distribution juggernaut in the Pacific Northwest with over 570,000 sq. ft. of prime distribution space in the region, as well as robust trucking capacity through sister companies World Distribution Services and Pacific Cascade to support Sun Chief Express customers.
“We strive to be something different than what everyone is used to when looking at their ocean carriers,” said Stones. “We are outside-of-the-box thinkers, and we want to collaborate with importers and exporters alike, to learn about gaps in their supply chains and put together solutions for any hurdles.”

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