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Cracking Down on Congestion: Two SEA-TAC Terminals Join LA/LB in Emergency Surcharge Announcements

Two Seattle-Tacoma marine terminals announce Long Stay Rehandling Fees

Shippers with containers stuck at the West Coast ports got quite a fright over the Halloween weekend with the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach implementing surcharges for containers dwelling too long at these key gateways. Now, two marine terminals at the Seattle-Tacoma ports have announced similar measures. 

Two Seattle-Tacoma marine terminals, Washington United Terminals and Husky Terminal, announced that effective Nov. 15, 2021, all local import units that have exceeded 15 calendar days on terminal will incur a $310 or $315 "Long Stay Rehandling Fee." See each of their announcements below:

Port congestion has become an increasing concern for Seattle and Tacoma port authorities as a cargo ship queue grows in the Puget Sound. Around 15 cargo vessels were waiting outside of the ports to berth in October and that number could grow if the backlog of containers at the ports isn't moved quickly. Normally, container ships in the Puget Sound don't have to wait and can go directly to the container terminals to berth and unload their cargo.

With import volumes remaining steady and port congestion intensifying, this fee's goal is to increase freight fluidity through the Northwest ports. By removing boxes that have been dwelling at the ports for too long, terminals are hoping to free up space to store more incoming containers. This will keep ships moving and help to clear the backlog.


San Pedro Bay Ports put "Container Excess Dwell Fee" on hold

UPDATE 12/14: The Container Excess Dwell Fee has been put on hold several times, visit this page, Ports of LA, Long Beach Announce New Measure to Clear Cargo Backlog, for the latest updates.

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