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Eyes on Port of Ningbo after COVID detected in Beilun clothing factory

Port of Ningbo remains open but lockdown measures could result in delays

We are carefully watching the situation at the Port of Ningbo after authorities detected COVID at a clothing factory in Ningbo's Beilun district on Jan. 1. Chinese officials take COVID infections very seriously and have imposed restrictions to contain the virus that may cause delays for cargo moving through the region.

According to the Loadstar, the number of confirmed infections in Beilun had risen to 23 as of Jan. 4. Authorities have upgraded their COVID emergency response and implemented a temporary lockdown in the Beilun district. These restrictions may result in production disruptions, including short-term delivery and order fulfillment delays, at factories in affected areas.

"To ensure container services and logistics operations of port areas in Beilun, local authorities have taken a series of measures, including issuing passes to qualified truck drivers to enter into the lockdown areas, opening up greenways for external container vehicles for entering the port region," Seatrade Maritime's Katherine Si reported

There are three container terminals near the Beilun district that could be impacted if restrictions are tightened further: Ningbo Beilun Container Terminal (NBCT), Ningbo Beilun Second (NBSCT) and Ningbo Beilun Third (NBTCT).  

As of Jan. 4, there are no confirmed infections at any of the terminals. The terminals are reportedly still loading and discharging cargo as normal, however, there are some gate restrictions. The lockdown is primarily impacting drayage and trucking services in the region. Maersk reported that trucking services outside the Beilun District have been suspended and truckers must apply for permits to operate. 

"Operations at the Ningbo Bluedragon LongXing warehouse have been suspended until further notice, but the Ningbo Bluedragon LongFei remains open for import and export cargo at NBTCT and Ningbo Meishan Island International Container Terminal. Empty container operations at the Greating Fortune Yard 3, Hongda Yard and CIMC Yard 1 have all ceased operations," reported Nick Savvides from the Loadstar.

China’s Ningbo-Zhoushan Port is the world’s third busiest container port complex, lifting 30 million containers in 2021. Between Jan. 1 and Jan. 3, daily container throughput at the port was more than 97,000 TEU, up 8.5% year over year.


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