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APM Terminals Los Angeles: Missed Appointment Fees Begin January 2022

Is APM Terminals Los Angeles levying missed appointment fees in 2022?

Yes, APM Terminals Los Angeles will begin levying missed appointment fees beginning in January 2022 according to the tariff listed on its website

We cover why these fees are coming into place, how much they are, and what people are saying about them in this Market Update.


Why is the terminal levying missed appointment fees?

When confirmed appointments go unused and aren't rescheduled or canceled, it is difficult for terminals to plan and effectively deploy container handling equipment. It also causes other truckers to be unable to get appointments that they otherwise would be able to. If you are unable to make a confirmed appointment, always make sure to cancel your appointment within a reasonable timeframe so that it can be freed up for another trucker to use, and you will avoid getting the fee. 


How much are the missed appointment fees?

According to the Tariff on APM Terminal's website, the missed appointment fee is $65.00 for a missed Import, Export, or Empty Container Appointment.  Failure to appear for an Out-Of-Gauge (OOG) appointment is steep — $1,545.00 — so definitely avoid missing OOG appointments where ever possible. 

Appointments need to be canceled at least 8 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. Appointments canceled within 8 to 2 hours of the scheduled appointment time will be assessed a Late Appointment Cancellation Fee of $25.00. Any appointment canceled within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment will receive the full Missed Appointment Fee of $65.00.

Download APM Terminals Jan. 2022 Tariff (For info on missed appointment Fees, see Page 4)


What are people saying about it?

While the terminal hopes the fees will help crack down on the number of confirmed appointments that go unused, truckers argue the fees are unfair because conditions at the 12 container terminals throughout the San Pedro Bay area can make it difficult for drayage providers to honor appointments.

“There are no shortage of [90- to 120-minute or longer] turn times at this terminal… which causes other appointments at other terminals to be missed,”  Matt Schrap, CEO of the Harbor Trucking Association (HTA) told

JOC's Eric Johnson reported that truckers often have to search terminal appointment systems multiple times per day to find suitable appointment slots, and that missed appointments are a result of dynamics outside the driver’s control, rather than an intention to book slots they do not plan to use.

We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as they are available.  If you have any questions about the Missed Appointment Fees at APM Terminals Los Angeles, please contact your local UWL representative for assistance.


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